Transportation & Airport Pickup

Transportation & Airport Pickup


Our favorite way to move. Its safe and with plenty of transport vehicles and options. Download the app and change your home place. Set it up with your Kenyan number as many drivers call you to verify your location


A must do in Nairobi but be careful. We recommend to do the trip with a local friend (or contact us). Still watch your belongings.

Railway Madaraka Express

There is a train from Nairobi to Mombasa. The station is not far away from the airport. If you anyhow planning to go to Mombasa book a first class ticket for 35USD and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

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Kenya has one international airport and several smaller airports and airstrips close to tourist destinations. Jomo Kenyatta International is located in the south of Nairobi and 30-60 drive to Westandlands depending on traffic. Kenya Airways is serving most of the African destinations and important international cities. Booking can be done easily online.

Airport Pickup and Drop

When you arrive from international destination there are plenty of “taxi drivers” jumping on your neck offering you transportation.

We recommend you book your airport pick u or drop via us, might be a bit safer and comfortable.


There are plenty bus lines available in Kenya, but honestly we won’t recommend due to security and safety reasons. Check our private driver options.

Private Driver

You need a private driver, contact us to give you some options from economy to luxury 4WD.